Friday, July 2, 2010

How my Married Life Started

This whole adventure began in 2006 at my very first Military Ball.That's me in my dress before the dance. I guess most of my friends would say it started before then really, it was February 14 that I began to peruse my now husband, he and his girlfriend had just broken up and I was only being nice and I gave him a valentine, so he wouldn't be so lonely. I was 16 at the time,a couple of days later my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. No one thought we would last because of his recent break up, and granted we had our ups and downs here we are today, with two children and almost married a year now.

This is me on my 17Th birthday, me and my husband have been together for 9 months at this point which is longer than anyone thought we would make it.

This is me, my cousin Katie and my sister Emily on her wedding day, June 1, 2007. At this point me and Jaime were not together but I was about 8 weeks pregnant, we were only apart for about a month if even that.

This is Bella and her daddy the night she was born. It took 17 hours of labor and a c-section to meet this little girl.

This is Bella now at two years old, on Easter with her duckie. She loves all things outside and Lady Gaga.

This is Chelle she was born on June 3 of last year,she was a preemie, and spent her first week in NICU.

This is Chelle now at a year old, she's in the process of learning to walk.

This is my beautiful family and how we all came together. I cant wait to post more about them and the rest of my expansive family. :)

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